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The Relais de l’Entrecôte was the first restaurant I ever went to in Geneva! I remember entering this bistro style restaurant when I was 9 years old and thinking, a restaurant that only serves meat and fries? How good can it get? To this day on, l’Entrecôte remains to be one of my favorite restaurants in Geneva and for a good reason!

A simple menu: A green salad as a starter, entrecôte meat and french fries as a main dish, and cheese or dessert (you might as well pick the profiteroles, the best dessert of the menu)…. However, what makes the the main dish so distinct, and so remarkably good is the sauce which comes with the meat… The sauce is what makes the difference to to other restaurants such as a “steak house”! The best part about it is that the recipe for the exquisite sauce is a secret… No one knows what makes it so good. People may guess, taste a few different herbs, however the exact recipe is kept in a safe place which no one will find!

Not only is the food absolutely delicious but the place itself is quite refreshing… Unlike new modern looking restaurants, which all look pretty much the same, the l’Entrecôte has this old charm to it which no other restaurant can ever have! Dark, and intimate, with a few lights… Tables very close together (if you would like to have an intimate conversation, this might not be the best place to go to), and beautiful french style posters from the the 1920’s… What makes it even better is that the waiters are only women, and all are dressed in the same “french style” outfit (apron and all)!

A perfect setting and a perfect meal which has not changed in the last 40 years! If you have not tried this restaurant, then I urge you to go! Make sure to be patient as there is a no reservations policy, and quite a long queue (especially for dinner)… You will want to go back, I promise you!

French, charming, it’s la crème de la crème! 

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